Defy the Plateau

with Ben Dempsey

Week in Review: What worked? What didn’t? What’s next?

Every week I am going to start writing up a week in review. This will help hold me accountable and also be able to share with you what I am finding out on the battlefield. What worked?  Blogged regularly for the most part, got backed up at end of the week. Had a great week […]

Be the solution.

Some people don’t like change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is disaster. -Elon Musk Stop sitting around for someone else to help you make the changes you want. Take the initiative, own where you are and embrace the challenge. The only way you can change you is by taking action. Being […]

Resource Friday: One Month with the Apple Watch

I have to admit I am a gadget guy. I have tried all types of wearables over the last 6 years. From a Garmin GPS watch to Nike watch to Fitbit. They all have their pros and cons. But when I heard about the release of the Apple Watch I wanted it. I have been […]

Battle Thursday: Binge Eating

Binge eating has been one of my toughest battles. I beat it for a while, then it I allowed to creep back into my life. Bad habits are like that. They never really go away, the reality is that you suppress them. You try to kill those desires and weaknesses. For instance one of the […]

Happy Birthday to my #1 Cheerleader.

   My bride Elizabeth is amazing. Today is her birthday and I am so grateful to her. She has been my number one cheerleader, supporter, encourager and give me a kick in the butt when I need it from day  one.  This Friday we will celebrate our 11 year anniversary. I am greatful that she […]

Stop saying yes to everything.

No matter who you are but at some point along your journey you have felt burned out in some aspect.  If you say you haven’t your most likely lying to yourself.  3 reasons you should evaluate your yes: If you don’t take care of yourself you can cannot take care of others.  Don’t overfill your […]

Three things to ask yourself at the end of  every day. 

What worked? What didn’t? What’s next? It shouldn’t be that hard to answer those right? Especially if your honest with yourself. Take time to evaluate your day. How can your improve? What was today’s win? How are you going to push yourself tomorrow?  I credit this evaluation procress to Mike Vardy from Productivityist. He spoke […]

It’s time to start being a warrior. 

   I want to be a warrior. I want to be the type of person someone can turn to and ask for help in a battle.  I have started to read The Warrior Ethos by Steven Pressfield.  I want to be deliberate in my words and actions. I want my yes to be a yes […]

You never forget your first challenge. 

Five years ago today, I took to the roads of Atlanta in my first race. In fact it’s called the worlds largest 10K because it’s you and 60,000 of your closest friends. This race was significant in my journey. For the first time in my life I had a signifiant victory. Why did I chose […]

Finding your rhythm after losing it.

I am not talking about dancing. After basically three years of pushing myself harder than I ever did the first 27 years of my life I became burned out. Once I finally realized it, I loosely tried to get back on track. But I lost the fire inside. As I restart my journey my plan […]