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My mission is to help empower and support you along your journey. I do this by using the experiences I have learned from 15 years in the healthcare industry and from my own personal journey where I went from 360 pounds to Marathoner.

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It is time to clear the path.

For majority of my life I had the mindset that I could not achieve great things. For some reason I thought I was not capable. However, all it took was a win. A change in direction down a new path where I can set new milestones. What are you not doing today that you wish […]

Life’s about intersections…

  Nearly six  years ago my journey began. I was searching for what I was capable of. At the time I was 27 years old and living my life day to day, which amounted to not pursuing anything with passion. On this very road above is where my journey began. My goal starting out was […]